Fad diets and guru-designed
fitness plans not working for you?

It’s because they’re flawed.


You are a whole human; not a stack of blocks.

Working on one piece without focusing on the others will only result in temporary success, at best.

Through customized coaching, I’ll help you re-think your approach to wellness—starting with wholeness.

Do you feel uncomfortable in your body? Does the stress in your life feel like the weight of the world on your shoulders?

I help you---to define your unique style and drop off mental & physical weight into the trash so you can live your true authentic self.

Your friends will be asking what's different about you and how you did it. I would love you to be a part of your journey to complete change.


Discover Inner Peace - Meditation Workshop

 Learn 5 different ways to make meditation fit into your day, so you don't get tired of the "same old routine."


Mind and Body Tune-up Session

We get to what is most important to you. Whether you are looking to upgrade your health, or let go of the weight.  

The purpose of the call is to identify and overcome obstacles, develop new skills and strategies, and gain clarity and direction. As well as customized for your personal need. This is done via video conferencing. 


Free Offer: Biweekly Motivational Quick Bits

Biweekly, you'll receive tips on all things whole wellness--including healthy mindset,  body moves, and ideas for staying motivated on your journey to your best you.