Hello! I'm Cheryl.

There isn't time for everything. But there is time for important things. Where does your health come on the list?

With straightforward steps, I will help you move toward your goal.


It took a Serious diagnosis for me to start living well.

I was sad, scared, frustrated, and overweight.

The doctor's only advice was, "You need to eat well and take care, while I wait for my treatment to be approved." 

Ok ... what does that mean?

My body was holding water. I was working out sometimes and I thought I was eating okay...?

I tried many different diet plans but just became more disappointed because  none worked on the whole body.

Meanwhile, my diagnosis inspired me to go back to school while working my full time job. I really wanted to help people. 

Interestingly, my plan for helping people turned into learning to help myself

Four years after my diagnosis I received treatment because I had been taking better care of myself and dropped off 45 lbs. I had none of the side effects from the treatment. Now I get to share what I have learned to help you in your journey to wellness.

My style of changing is a bit different ,  I don't believe in taking things away I believe in making this journey fun and very doable. 

You don’t have to do it the hard way like I did.

It's funny. I thought it was my food but that was only a small part of my wellness. What I was feeding my thoughts was just as important as what I was feeding my body. I was not living my best life and I knew it. Do you say OK this Monday I'll start this diet then by Thursday you're already over it. Or I would say I was sooo good all week now it's the weekend I deserve a treat well I blew that diet guess i'll keep eating start again Monday.

Wellness is more than the food we eat.  With customized coaching to create a complete transformation mind, body and spirit.  I'm here to walk you through the transformation and sprinkle in some fun along the way.

I'll show you how.


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