Returning to self

May 24, 2022

 Returning to self 

Your only job on this planet is to be good at being you.


When we are very young children, we often develop a sense of self that is sure and are less burdened by outside influences. We are carefree and confident in our worth. We would say what is on our minds because we haven't learned how to hold our tongue. We danced and moved our bodies the way we wanted because we hadn't learned people could call us weird. We were living our true selves.

As we come into adulthood, we become more conscious and self-conscious. So we ‌turn down the volume on who we are. We only show what we have been told is socially acceptable. 

We seek approval from others. Our opinions of others carry more weight than our own internal compass.


When we have trouble finding an answer within ourselves, we‌ look outside ourselves and ‌behave in ways to give us control, even though it is really an illusion of control, we feel out of control and in pain, we numb and soothe ourselves through binge eating, obsessive exercising or acting out in other ways.


It’s hard to be yourself when you spend an unuseful amount of time concerned with what others think of you, because each person is going to have a different opinion of you. Plus, we can’t control what other people think, try as we might.

Inner authority is an assured disposition that is unconcerned with the self as compared to others, because it has nothing to compare to. It is the self, and the self is it.

That’s what makes you so special. 

If you’re having trouble knowing where to return to yourself, your true self lives inside. Every woman has a queendom. No two queendoms are alike, and every queendom is magical.  

Living in your queendom means embracing the gifts and qualities and appreciating your gifts. It means acknowledging all the things that make you AMAZING and genuinely unique, not from a place of superiority but from a place of inner knowing. It means appreciating your body for all that it does for you and feeding your soul with positive energy.

It has an understanding that comparison leads to nowhere productive and is irrelevant because you have your own special kind of magic to give to the world in your own way.

Most of all, show yourself fierce kindness and unapologetic compassion so your true self can shine through. So come home and return to your true self. It’s simple, but not always easy, to slow down, sit down, take a few easy breaths, and reconnect with the genuinely awesome you that is you right here right now.


Cheryl Wolf


Be and feel lighter in your body, mind, and soul.